With a Fairy Tree on site, a Fairy Village has developed. In the centre is a Rath and at dusk you can see the fairy lights and hear their music.

In the Fairy Village there are a range of types and styles of houses in which the Fairies live. Some like ours, some in trees and some high up on branches.

The main dwelling of a fairy group is in a large old earthen fort or ‘rath’. Inside such forts are the ‘palaces’ of the fairies, which serve as assembly-halls for them as well as the scenes of great feasts. In these forts throughout the countryside, music and entertainment can be heard at night by passers-by. Sometimes the fairies can be seen to dance.

Fairies have magical power, and it is dangerous to mention their name, and so people used circumlocutions for them – such a na daoine beaga (‘the little people) na daoine maithe (‘the good people’), na daoine uaisle (‘the noble people’), na daoine uaisle (the gentry) or bunadh na gcnoc (the people of the hills) 

They engage in the same types of activity as humans, but in their own unseen realm. They work on their farms or in their houses,

Remember, believe and respect the Fairy’s area and you will have good luck. Attempt to disturb their work and woe betide you!!!

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    Monday          9am - Dusk
    Tuesday         9am - Dusk
    Wednesday    9am - Dusk
    Thursday        9am - Dusk
    Friday             9am - Dusk
    Saturday         9am - Dusk
    Sunday           9am - Dusk

    From M2 follow signs to Ballymena. At Seven Towers Roundabout, follow M2 to sign for Ecos Centre. Turn right off slip road following sign to Broughshane. Turn left at the mini roundabout in Broughshane and park in the car park on Knowhead Road.