Around the pond we have identified at least four species of Bat.

Natterer’s bats are relatively rare in Northern Ireland. They are relatively large bats with quite big ears. The fur is light brown on the top and paler on the underside. Natterer’s bats leave the roost quite late after sunset and can be found foraging in woodland and over water.

The brown long-eared bat is quite common in Northern Ireland. It is instantly recognisable by huge ears that are almost half the length of its body. These long ears enable the bat to listen for insects on leaves and branches

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The Leisler’s bat is the largest bat present in Northern Ireland. The fur is reddish- brown. Leisler’s bats are the first bats to emerge in the evening, often before sunset. They fly very high with sharp dives

The pipistrelle is the most common bat in Northern Ireland. It is a small species and has dark brown fur which is slightly paler on the underside. Pipstrelles emerge to forage just after sunset and are found in a variety of habitats, often foraging along tree lines.

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